The goal of our server is to provide the most brutal and pure Ragnarok Online experience possible. This server functions very much like a sandbox, where players are relatively free to do anything they want. The entire premise is built upon the idea that players will do anything to obtain supremacy, and sometimes that involves fooling and deceiving other players. The rules of this server reflect this spirit, giving players total freedom to do [almost] anything they want.

  1. Stealing monster kills, player kills, items from the ground, are all allowed [and encouraged].
    [Of course, doing these things will severely impact your reputation among your peers. Keep in mind, you will have to live with the consequence of your actions.]
    [Exception: MvP Room(when available). Read below.]
  2. Scamming players is allowed. This includes:
        2.1) The items placed in the trade window are not the same items you've agreed to trade;
        2.2) The other player put a different amount of zeny in the trade window;
        2.3) A vendor has the "wrong" number of 0's in their vending shop, selling the item for less;
        2.4) Only one exception to this rule, you must never impersonate a Staff Member/Game Master.
    Or any other variety of scamming will not be deal with by the staff. If you fall for these silly tricks, you DESERVED to be robbed. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR TRADES.
    [Keep in mind, scamming other players will likely result in nobody wanting to make business with you. Again, live with the consequences.] 
  3. If you entrust an item to another player and they will not return it, the staff will not take action.
    [Be careful of who your "friends" are.]

  4. If you give away your account credentials to anybody [Your best friend, your brother, your parents, your dog, I don't care who], you have completely voided any and all account support. Playing from any public computers will also void any support.
        4.1) If you ask, we will help you make your account secure again. After that, we will once again support your account.
    [Over 95% of all cases that GMs have to deal with are stories that start with "I borrowed my account to someone else and then...". Seriously, stop doing that.]
  5. Modifying your client in ways to gain advantages, or using 3rd party programs of any kind, will lead to an immediately and irreversible termination of your account + IP Ban.
        5.1) This obviously includes GRF modification, sprite hacks, speed hacks, botting programs, and anything that I personally deem is unfair.
        5.2) The only exception to this rule: RCX <------
  6. Exploiting broken features and unintended bugs/glitches is not allowed. Those cases will be dealt on a per-case basis, depending on the severity.
    [I will always reward players that report bugs and exploits. A way better deal than risking getting your account banned, right?]
  7. You are not allowed to do RMT.
    [Real Money Trade. That is, selling or trading items for real world currency and objects.]
  8. We will not censor players from being rude to each other, unless the contents contain hate speech.
    [Nobody will be punished for insulting the mothers of other players or using dirty words, but PLEASE use your common sense. Players will be dealt with at our personal discretion.] 
  9. The MvP Room(when available) is the only environment in the server with strict rules of conduct. You must not:
        9.1) Steal the MvPs of other players.
        9.2) Summon MvPs and explicitly use them to kill other players in the arena.
        9.3) If you use an MvP to farm items(such as Box of Thunder using GTB), you may only use 1 at a time.
    Reports will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and the punishment will be either a roll-back of the offendant's account(s) or even a ban.
    [Previously, MvP Room rules used to apply to MvPs such as Thanatos and Ktullanux. This will no longer be the case. If it's not the MvP Room, you're allowed to steal any monster you like.] 
  10. Regarding Events, follow the rules established by the Game Master conducting the event. They have the freedom to remove you anytime, should they consider you're breaking the rules of their particular event. When in doubt, ask before doing something.

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