Welcome to our downloads page. Here you can obtain our game files.
You do not need to add or merge anything to these files. They are ready-to-play.
There is also no need to update your kRO files. Everything I've sent you is already up to date.

Google Drive

Common technical problems:

  • "Cannot init d3d OR grf file has problem.
    ->Go to your game folder, find a file called dbghelp.dll and delete it.
    ->If the problem persists, open avalon setup.exe and fiddle with the settings. It should work eventually.
  • Game opens as a tiny window, or closes immediately after opening.
    ->This happens when the game is lacking configurations. Open avalon setup.exe and set the game's parameters.
  • Lots of random errors saying it can't read files.
    ->This is a problem with permissions. The game is trying to read files in the folder but has no privileges. Move the installation to other parts of your computer. Running the game under the Program Files structure or on a HDD with near-full capacity are the usual culprits for this. Also don't forget to run the game as Admin.
  • Game window is blurry.
    Right click the game's executable(avalonro.exe), go to Properties and then Compatibility tab. At this point it depends on the windows version but look for something called High DPI Settings. That option will fix the blurry.

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