Recent News

by Sandalphon on 2022-07-20

The Big Patch has hit the server. It contains the most updated kRO changes to skills, as well as complete implementation of Expanded 4th Jobs and new Homunculus skills.

A second WoE day was added. WoE now takes place in different castles. Saturday @ 02:00 and Wednesday @ 14:00.

In terms of content, we're approaching the end of Episode 14. Devil's Tower, Geffen Magical Tournament and Ghost Palace have been released.

War of Emperium

by Sandalphon on 2022-05-31

Going forward, our permanent WoE time slot will be defined as follows:

-02:00 In-game time(@time)
-For people in the western hemisphere, this is Saturday Night. For Southeast Asia players, this is Sunday Morning.
-Castle: Cyr(arug_cas02, it's the bottom left one)
-No consumables allowed inside castles(you can use them outside the castle and enter, that is okay)
-Skills that require items will work normally. Only items that need to be manually used(double clicking them) will not work.

Regarding damage modifiers inside WoE Castles:

-The global damage modifiers are the same as normal PK combat(95% reduction, and extra for certain skill groups)
-Those damage modifiers also apply to non-players inside castles(such as Elementals, Homunculis, monsters, etc).
-Furthermore, Barricades and Stones have additional reductions. They take very little damage and take a considerable amount of time to destroy.
-Emperiums take 1 damage(like plants), as is normal in Renewal. Their HP will be increased by 25%.

Release and VIP Information

by Sandalphon on 2022-05-06

Thank you for your support! We finally launched today.

You can obtain your VIP by purchasing a ticket from the shop, here in the Control Panel. The NPC to obtain the VIP Ticket is at the center of Prontera.

Release Schedule

by Sandalphon on 2022-04-19

April 17~April 21(Thursday): Live Test
The server will run using the same test systems we've used up until now, such as instant leveling, free gear, etc.

April 22(Friday): Open Beta Release. Exact time will be 17:00 ET
Of course, there will be a full 100% wipe on this day. Everyone starts from zero.

May 6th(Friday): End of Open Beta and Full Release date. Again at 17:00 ET unless circumstances change.
I need this two week period to set up a proper backend for the game, as well as give us some time for promotion.
There will be a partial wipe before moving into full service. Everything will be erased except your saved Warpra unlocks and any crafted materials.

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