Thanks for visiting us.

Avalon is among the oldest Ragnarok Online communities still around. We specialize in PK Mode servers with balanced PvP and competitive MvPing.

This year is our 17th birthday and we're celebrating with the launch of our new server.

So, what kind of server is this?

Ragnarok Online is a special game. After over twenty years, it is still in active development. And now everyone is curious about the new 4th Class Jobs.

But at the same time, a large portion of the playerbase has been left behind. Renewal is very unpopular with a portion of the players, and all the new systems are very confusing for most.

Our vision for the new AvalonRO server is to create a Renewal 4th Job Server that is designed for old players. We want to introduce the last 10 years of Ragnarok Online to players who are only familiar with Pre-Renewal servers.

How do you achieve this?

For starters, we got rid of Eden Group entirely. Instead of doing quests and daily chores for exp, you will need to earn exp the old way: killing monsters.

All the multi-layered systems that were added to make the game more complex(without making it better) were stripped away. Without all this useless junk getting in the way, it is much easier to approach.

The existance of the Cash Shop has been erased entirely. Normal Ores(Elu/Ori) have the same rates and behavior as Enriched/HD, overpowered cash shop headgears are gone, gamebreaking consumables are gone.

And finally, all the nonsensical effects caused by Level Gaps are gone too. No more will you lose EXP or drops because monsters are too high or too low.

What about that spicy PK/PvP Action?

Late Renewal content was most definitely not designed with PvP content in mind. It is not unusual for strong Renewal characters to output over 100x their own HP in damage every second.

This plays a large part in the reason why PvP and WoE is mostly defunct in modern RO. Since the first year of Renewal, PvP interactions had already been reduced to 1-hit kill scenarios.

This is the part where our expertise plays its role. Through global damage reductions that only apply to PvP and PK, we're able to create environments where it's possible to have high speed, fast paced combat with a very high skill ceiling. Without hurting the PvE game.

Okay, okay. But is it good?

Making private servers with a mixture of new and old mechanics is hardly a groundbreaking concept. The thing that makes us truly unique is the focus on PK and PvP mechanics.

Most servers are content with thinking of PvP as a separate system, and deal with it as if it were a mini-game. For us, the ability to attack players, impose territory and deny resources is an integral part of the game.

If you don't mind a little adversity and competition in your games, our server will be just right for you. Give us a try, you already read this wall of text anyway.